Feb 27, 2014

The Bitter Aftertaste of An “X”.

 Ex-boyfriend. The word itself tends to leave the gross flavor of regret and sometimes even guilt on my tongue. I don’t regularly involve myself in such acts for merely the fact that I don’t care enough and/or have time to be dealing with yet another person. As you can tell, love is not my forte. 

 So when I decided to try things out with a friend of mine, I didn’t think I would break-up with him so fast. Don’t get me wrong, he’s attractive, loyal and yeah, I suppose caring but I didn’t expect with to change his attitude with me so drastically. No, he wasn’t a dick to me or anything of the sort - it was the total opposite.  

 It started with the cutesy pet names and way too early I love you’s but I guess that’s what one would expect from a long term friend whose known you for so much time and not given up on your crazy lifestyle. I wish I was more grateful for that honestly but instead I’m sitting on my bed and blogging about how shitty of a break up this was. 

 Not to me; I’m just tired but to him. I feel goddamn awful on how much of a experimental thing I treated the last two weeks and how it was a bit more than that towards him.

Feb 27, 2014
Good writin’ ain’t necessarily good readin’.
Ken Kesey (via thatlitsite)
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